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Intro This is me, One day, I wanted to teach something to my wife. This is why... I Made... Convincing Presentation LEARN BY YOURSELF. On YouTube Forever Free without paid advertising. Easy to understand
Video + Sound + Shortcuts
Develop your
Mindset & Strategy
Talk & Connect With other
Whiteboard Benefits LEARNBYOU Learn only from the bests ! The Best tool for businesses. Create your own learning path & share it to explain without losing time. No professor can match each experts in every niche & speciality, on the field. No more talking with employees, send them video instructions you selected, easy. #ONE SELF E-LEARNING & SELF-TAUGHT TOOL; Make a Choice LearnByou is a self-taught community ! Participative & Helpfull for businesses & entrepreneurs ! Learn watching a Video
or create your own path.
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Video Exemple : How to create a banner for Facebook? With Photohop. Only experts videos selected by experts with care. Click to continue Features LEARNBYOU is the time saving tool that entrepreneurs can dream about. most innovative & Click to continue Learn from scratch with experts & the community Create & Start a business alone Learn to do Everythig Yourself & Selected Teachers, Experts & Mentors It's Natural Why should use LearnByou? Businesses WHY NOT CREATE YOUR OWN LEARNING PATH ? Get the Word out faster to your teams. Increase your Conversion Rates because your are faster. The real leaders know how to teach to their teams fast & short. Form your employees & teach easily. Unlock Whitebord It was never so easy to learn. We did it for Y O U ! Without losing time searching for the right expert.

Gone are the days when you needed a degree to work for certain industries, the biggest companies like Google, Facebook, Apple hire people with strong skills and creativity and without any degree other than their skills, even if you haven’t become an entrepreneur, you will be successful, if you don’t give up.

I learned everything I needed on my own using google, youtube, to learn a business down to the smallest detail, so why not you? Freedom is a choice and not a goal. Find the courage and keep learning all your life, every day, school is not the end nor the beginning. The best teachers are in the field, teachers in your school are building businesses than on the board. Learn from the best because they talk and share for free, just search, we did it for you. Piece by piece, complete the puzzle taking the best of each.

LEARNBYOU’s goal is to spotlight content creators on YouTube who deserve the spotlight. We support the creators, that’s why we integrate their Youtube channels and videos on our platform in this way they fully benefit from the income generated by the view thanks to youtube every time a video is watched on our platform.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”ALBERT EINSTEIN


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