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Best Tools & Resources for Entrepreneurs & Businesses.

Some tools are realy important for the succes you are hunting, it is not always easy to choose and know what will serve you or not, this is why this page is categorised in multiple categories, from the most important you will for sure need to the less important but that can serve you for sure. We have no affiliate relations with these companys, this is a list made without any influence.

Hiring For Cheap Freelancers is an online marketplace for the self-employed. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. is an American internet-based freelance recruitment platform, in English only, which connects freelancers and clients in 180 countries. Its main market is in the United States at more than 50%. It is headed by a Frenchman, Stéphane Kasriel. Wikipedia is an Australian crowdsourced marketplace website, which allows potential employers to post jobs which freelancers can then bid on.


D R I B B L E –
Q U O R A – 
M E D I U M –

Design & Webdesign

Most Important : Photoshop
FREE Typo & Fonts :
Themes :
> Astuce for wordpress themes : select only  themes using WPbakery builder
> Select VPS with PLESK only for WordPress.
DOMAINS : NameCheap

Ecommerce & Organisation

For team working, communication & planning : TRELLO, SLACK 
Best communication tool (Skype Style) : LINE (You can have it on desktop & phone, easy to send screenshots, create groups for projects & save notes.
For Analytics & metrix : Google Analytics
For SEO Startegy & Keywords : SEMRush
For Browser Automation : Imacros
Payements : STRIPE
Business Bank Account : Transfertwise
Cheap Company Formation LTD (UK) LLC (USA) :  LE MAT
Branding Agencys : BRANDFLAP (Physical Branding & Culture)

Video Edition

Free Video Edition Tool : Davinci Resolve
For Animated Pictures : Pixaloop

Growth Hacking

The complete & free toolbox for growth hacking (300+ Tools) is available on the forum but you need to create an account before to access it : link to the toolbox

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