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School Make Sheeps, Be a Wolf & Learn by Yourself on Youtube.

Learn looking videos on YouTube from the comfort off your Home.

Learn from the best because they talk and share for free, piece by piece, complete the puzzle selecting the best of each one.

Gone are the days when you needed a degree to work for certain industries, the biggest companies like Google, Facebook, Apple hire people with strong skills and creativity without any degree other than their skills, even if you haven’t become an entrepreneur, you will be successful, if you don’t give up your learning.

I learned everything I needed on my own using Google, Youtube, to learn a business down to the smallest detail, I was just a kid (15Yo) so why not you?

Freedom is a choice and not a goal.
Find the courage and keep learning all your life, every day, school is not the end nor the beginning. The best teachers are on the field, teachers at school are building only on the class board.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”ALBERT EINSTEIN

LEARNBYOU’s goal is to spotlight content creators on YouTube who deserve the spotlight. We support the creators, that’s why we integrate their Youtube channels and videos on our platform in this way they fully benefit from the income generated by the view thanks to youtube every time a video is watched on our platform.

LEARNBYOU was founded like a 2.0 school, most off the developpers and professionals learn what they need to do on the moment true great youtube video tutoriels, our objective is to  save the best path to learn something in different categories.

Per exemple, i want to learn how to create a Facebook, Snapchat or Google add, I will spend alot off  time searching for the right content, why not save that path with all the relevant Video that helped me and share it with my employees, partners, friends, co workers, students?

This is all the beauty off LearnBYOU, you can learn to do exactly the same work as professionals only following the  learning path we selected for you composed off a few Youtube Videos.


It is hard for you to make difference between scammers gurus & experts?
Affraid paying courses to learn things you can learn for FREE on Youtube? Right it will take you some time to find the right content you can lean on, but by chance, we selected it for you.

Why someone would take so much time to create something so complexe for free? One good reason : I use it, For myself, For people I love, For my employees, For people I want to help growing in their life winning their own freedom & success in their entrepreneurs journey.

I am sad to hear on a regular basis that some people still get ripped off paying for expensive and unnecessary ecommerce courses to learn how to be successful in e-commerce, when all the information is free and available to whoever wants to look it up, in the ocean that happens to be youtube and google … But when you know nothing it is hard to select what follow or not, you need someone giving you the first impulsion.

LEARNBYOU is simple to understand, we select with care for you, content that we think suit the best one subjet, content that serve us in our own businesses also & that I use for myself, content that is qualitative and well made.

We share it sometimes as a playlist, one video is  not always ennough to learn a topic, so we select multiple videos, all together create the perfect course you can dream about.

In the entrepreneurial life, we don’t have time to socialise and talk with others people similar to you with same objectives & passions, this is why the board is the perfect tool to grow your ideas, and share with other entrepreneurs & pros like you, talking and sharing with people with the same objectives can be sometimes better than all schools & courses you can imagine.

Here you can find the mentors that we recommend listening & following to get your mindset right.

PS : We do not sell any advertising spaces, any affiliates or paid marketing, we will never share someone or something because we got paid for it, we share it because we really think it is helpfull & legit.



High quality content selected by experts in the industry.


High variety of content, mindset, learning, interviews, news…


Our objective is to build a strong community that shares and grow together.

Free & Independant

We do not accept money for any kind of advertising, the plateform is Free for everyone.

Learn where, when & what you want.

LEARNBYOU is thinked & founded by an autodidact, who started his passion & learning by himself at 14Y old & stopped school  at 16. The domains with high expertise : Web developpement, marketing, business, growth hacking, ecommerce & business in general.

You are here before all, to learn How To  learn.

Learning with images or video is the best and most effective way off learning something fast. You can also view it when you are working on it, on your second screen or in a little window, you  win time, and if you don’t know how to do something you can go back in the video and look at it with more focus.

Imagine a video where your voice is recorded. You explain a concept, you use a virtual board on your screen, or you write down important terms, examples, important dates to remember, you draw diagrams… The images associated with the concepts appear when you discuss them orally. Many tools allow you to do this at home (we tell you about it here)! To better visualize what this can give, here is an example:

You can also film yourself on the blackboard, as in class or film your office: on a sheet you take notes, you draw, you show pictures, clips, videos, graphics et …

The advantage of a video course is accessibility: the student can view it anywhere and at the time that suit him best, of course one video will not be ennough and complete for most off the cases, we all know all experts have some  areas in their business where they are better, so why learn only from one expert who has not all the best qualitys in all aspects off the job to teach it tto you? With LearnByou, you can create a public playlist using and submit it the category related, when your course playlist i s published on LEARNBYOU it will be visible for everyone, if one day you forget how you did somethting, you can still go back inside your course and follow the learning path you used first time, no need to spend hours to find tthe right content again.

The pupils can thus manipulate the video according to their needs: reading, pausing to take notes, going back… Was it going too fast in class for some of your pupils? With video, everyone can go at their own pace & their processing  speed, some people maybe know some topics,  some not, etc. It can be viewed frorm a laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc…

An educational tool for all ages, all project, for everyone & always free !
Yes, this is one of the skills of the base, and it concerns all materials and even PPE!

To explain to your students how to use software such as a spreadsheet or programming software, or for a project requiring video or graphics, nothing like a small video tutorial that will prevent you from wasting too much time on the “technical” and theorical explanations. You can film your screen using OBS per example wich is free and used in the industry by almost everyone (you know those videos where you see the trainer’s screen and only hear their voice). Your students can watch it and re-watch it at will and see where they need to click what to do and how to do.

Video and memorization

The image
Among the techniques to learn better: the creation of mental images. Associating an image and contextual clues with a date, a sentence, or a procedure, makes it easier to remember it.

Memorization and video

Image association for English vocabulary: a duck, a duke, a duck

Working with the image is to facilitate the principle of association: mental images, which the student must link together by a link of meaning, are given. He doesn’t have to create them from scratch.

We are used to working on this principle of association with still images, on textbooks like ours for example;), or to draw a diagram on the board. Video can be another medium that would add a little something extra, but under certain conditions of use which we will discuss in the last part.

The sound
Offering content that provokes an emotion can have a positive effect on memorization: for example, adding music, or noises to an image (integration of weird, funny, dramatic, surprising sounds in mental images). Video is a handy tool for associating sound with picture.

The dynamic aspect
The speed of succession of frames in a video creates a dynamic appearance that can affect attention as the eye is drawn to movement. The video also helps to show how the different elements of a phenomenon come together.

For example, to understand concepts such as symmetry, students need to visualize displacements. Videos are very well suited for helping to mentally build the sequence of steps in a process. Barbara Tversky and Julie Morrison (Stanford University), associated with Mireille Bétrancourt (University of Geneva), called this the “principle of congruence”: what a document shows must be as close as possible to the representation in memory that the learner must generate. Therefore, the dynamic nature of videos is very well suited for learning concepts including a time dimension.

Also note an interesting phenomenon. Well used and well done videos could help the learning of students with insufficient spatial skills.

Space skills? It is the fact of representing things mentally, of memorizing them and of manipulating them to make them mobile: from still images, a reading or an oral speech, the students themselves create dynamic nature some information. This ability is also called “the intelligence of the eye”. For example, the invention of the motor and the theory of relativity were created from

Be part off our project and join our communauty, you can participate and exchange with other members on the forum.
Snapchat Education is totally free and will always be.

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